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President Obama Redefines Cyber Espionage

Charlie Rose recently interviewed President Obama regarding his latest discussions with Chinese leaders around cyber espionage: what is acceptable espionage and what is out-of-bounds.
BARACK OBAMA: Every country in the world, large and small, engages in intelligence gathering and that is an occasional source of tension but is generally practiced within bounds. There is a big difference between China wanting to figure out how can they find out what my talking points are when I’m meeting with the Japanese which is standard fare …There’s a big difference between that and a hacker directly connected with the Chinese government or the Chinese military breaking into Apple’s software systems to see if they can obtain the designs for the latest Apple product. That’s theft. And we can’t tolerate that [1][2].
This is really a thin slice of distinction. Philosophically, I understand the argument but I find it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I try to think about how it will apply to the U.S. an…

Help Me Obi Wan – You’re My only Hope: Three Cyber Security Innovations to Give You Courage

Executive Summary: 

With all of the negative press about how weak the collective good-guy cyber defenses are, there is reason to hope. Today I discuss three cyber security innovations that not only work but will fundamentally change how we will all do our jobs in the future. Some of our community are leaning forward with these ideas and showing us the way. They are teaching us how to transform our tactical Incident Response teams into strategic intelligence organizations. They are changing our old-school thinking of deploying tactical signature defenses into the more modern Kill-Chain and Indicators-of-Compromise methodology. And, they are breaking new ground on how to share threat indicator information between peers. 

My company tagged me to speak at an upcoming cyber security customer event this week. When I asked the event organizers if they had anything specific they wanted me to cover, they said to discuss all of the leading edge things going on in cyber right now; the…