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8 Tips For Dealing With Heartbleed Right Now

This has been a fun two weeks. We have not had a significant cyber event like this, an event that affects just about everybody on the Internet, since the Kaminsky DNS vulnerability of 2008. [1] Everybody I know has been scrambling to understand what it means to their organization, to their business and to their immediate family. Yes, I said family. I am sure I am not the only one who has answered a question or two from their mother-in-law about how the Internet is melting down based on what she’s been reading in the press.. I am not going to explain how the vulnerability might make a hacker’s day. If you need that, here are two posts that do that quite well: one by Scott Simpkin at Palo Alto Networks [2] and another by Dan Gooden over at ars technica [3]. What I want to do is talk about the Top Eight things I am doing right now to protect Palo Alto Networks and my home (and mother-in-law).

#1: Don’t Panic: Yes, this is a serious issue and it that has been available for exploitation f…